>Agua del Dia, curated by Rogrigue Mouchez | Bruxelles, June 2018.





>The Dangerous Professors // Houston Edition, curated by Ruslana Lichtzier | Flatland Gallery, Houston, | Opening : May 3


>Resident at Ateliers du Grand Large, ADERA, Decines, France.





>Making Appear | Group show with Aglae Cortés, Julie Escoffier, Manuel H. Márquez, Paul M. Sepuya & Ellie de Verdier, curated by Aurélie Vandewynckel | ALMANAQUE, Mexico City | Opening Feb. 6


>Agua del Día | Group show curated by Rodrigue Mouchez | El Quinto Piso, Mexico City | Opening Feb. 6


>SALON ACME NO. 6 | General Prim 30, Col. Juárez, Mexico City | Feb 8 -11

>Material Art Fair, VOL. 5 | FRONTÓN MÉXICO | Feb. 8 -11

> Yellow Tulips, Efrain Lopez Gallery, Chicago >> July 2017.

>AN ANT BIT ME IN MY HEART, THEN MY TITTY WAS ON FIRE. Group show organized by DEDAZO Art Residency, Chiapas, Mx.

>Vitamina A, at the Biblioteca Vasconcelos in Mexico City, a collective exhibition organized by El Centro de la Imagen.

>Salon ACME, General Prim Colonia Juárez, Mexico City.

>Primera Bienal Internacional de OBRA CHIQUITA, Nixon - Mexico City

>Ellipsis, Solo show at Efrain Lopez Gallery, Chicago >>LINK

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